Brumfield Taxidermy’s exclusive MasterMount series is a unique blend of sculpting prowess, precision craftsmanship and artistic vision, yielding a truly one-of-a-kind mounted trophy. A significant step above Brumfield Taxidermy’s custom trophy mount, the MasterMount is our precious diamond and platinum line of mounted trophies.


“I see myself as an artist, as much as taxidermist,” says Greg Brumfield, owner, founder and master taxidermist behind Brumfield Taxidermy, and the creator of the exclusive MasterMount series. “And as an artist, I possess a particular vision, but capturing that vision requires executing a multitude of highly precise and intricate details. I’ve worked extremely hard to build Brumfield Taxidermy into one of the most successful and well-regarded studios in the industry, based largely on the drive to realize my artistic vision for each trophy I mount. Realizing even a fraction of this vision, however, entails spending a larger amount of time on each individual trophy than any other studio in the business. And the time and cost involved makes it impossible to execute my total vision for every custom trophy we mount. But with the exclusive MasterMount series, however, I’m able to achieve the pinnacle of excellence, truly realizing my supreme vision by creating a mounted trophy that is a singular work of art: a Brumfield Taxidermy exclusive MasterMount.”


It’s All in the Details


The painstaking process to create an exclusive MasterMount trophy requires:


  • Uncommon artistic vision and creative ambition 
  • Exceptional focus
  • Extraordinary attention to detail
  • The use of innovative materials and advanced design practices


And this incredible inventory of superlative detail is infused into each and every MasterMount trophy—yielding an unmatched work of art.


Personalized Care for a Personalized Trophy


Ultimately the creation of a MasterMount trophy is a collaborative process—we work with you to discern the specific details you feel are most important. And together we craft a blueprint for your trophy that encompasses both the artistry and grandeur of a MasterMount trophy, combined with the unique personal touches that make your trophy a personal expression of your taste and style. 


Uncommon Excellence: a MasterMount Trophy


If you’re a highly accomplished hunter or an elite sportsman, and you appreciate the beauty of a truly uncommon mounted trophy, a MasterMount trophy is your ideal choice.


To learn more about our MasterMount series or to hire Brumfield Taxidermy to create your own personal MasterMount, contact us TODAY!


*Please Note – A MasterMount trophy a singular creation resulting from an extremely time intensive process. Consequently, Brumfield Taxidermy is limited to crafting no more than 10 MasterMount trophies in a single calendar year. Contact Brumfield Taxidermy today at (970) 434-9299 and reserve you spot now—so you don’t miss out on the exclusive opportunity in the coming year. 

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