How do I get my trophy to Brumfield Taxidermy?


Your physical location is not an issue. We create mounted trophies for hunters and sportsman from across the United States, and even foreign countries. Contact us: Phone Number | Email, and we’ll detail the requisite shipping procedure and associated shipping costs. Once your mounted trophy is complete, we’ll securely pack and ship the finished product to you (at your expense).


We offer several different options, depending upon you location:


Receiving Stations


For Colorado residents, we have Denver area and Southern Colorado receiving stations at which you can drop off your trophy. We also have several Alaska receiving stations to help expedite the delivery process, if you happen to be doing a great Northern hunt. Feel free to contact us prior to your hunt to obtain more information or make specific delivery arrangements.


For domestic shipping:


Contact us prior to your hunt and we will provide you with a free shipping tag(s) and other information you will need to prepare your trophy for shipping.  The shipping tags have the preprinted shipping information that you will need to attach to the trophy.  

Each shipment should include the following information:


  • Your full name
  • Your complete mailing address
  • Your daytime and cell phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your hunting license number
  • Your hunting tags or seal numbers


Please email us a complete copy of all information outline above, so we’re clear on the details of your package and know when to expect the shipment.

If your shipment is perishable, please ship the package via next day air or 2nd day air depending on the time of year.  Please contact us with any questions.


Shipping outside the US


For international shipping, please contact us prior to your hunt and provide:


  • Your import permit package
  • Your fully addressed shipping tags


We’ll provide you with more than enough laminated shipping tags to cover all of animals you may potentially return with. 

Tagging your trophies in the field will ensure each cape matches its corresponding set of horns, and both are properly identified when we receive your package at our studio.


 What services do you provide in addition to taxidermy?


Along with our full range of taxidermy services, we also offer:


  • Trophy reproductions
  • Nature-scape dioramas to complement your mounted trophy
  • Expedited trophy mounting and shipping
  • Special delivery options and trophy set-up services
  • Trophy room design


Can You Repair Damaged Mounts?


Yes, but we need to see the trophy and assess the severity of the damage involved. If the item cannot be repaired, in most cases it can be remounted.


Can you remount a trophy using only the original horns?


Yes, we frequently remount trophies using only the horns or antlers. You provide the horn or antlers, along with the desired position and mount size, and we’ll handle the rest, including obtaining a new hide if necessary.


How quickly will a hide begin to spoil?


Decomposition begins the moment the animal dies. Time lapse and temperature levels both play important roles in decomposition. Once the temperature rises above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria begins to grow, accelerating decomposition.


What is the cause of hair slippage?


Hair slippage is generally the result of two primary issues:


  • Bacterial growth (occurring in a hide that has risen above 40 degrees Fahrenheit) due to improper field care
  • Mechanical slips caused by dragging the animal in the field


In some cases, animals exhibit natural hair loss resulting from shedding, ticks, rubbing against trees, fences and other objects, as well as mating.


My mount is infested with bugs. How did this happen and what can I do to counter the effects?


Answer in progress.


What form of payment do you accept?


We accept all forms of payment (cash, check, credit card) except American Express.


What are your payment terms?


We require a 50% deposit for each individual item prior to beginning work on the project. The balance of the payment is due in full upon completion of the project. Any mount not paid in full at the time of completion will be assessed an additional storage fee. Any mount not picked up or arranged to be shipped within 60 days of completion becomes the property of Brumfield Taxidermy. 

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